Preventive actions
Single documents managed / year

Manage your occupational health and safety risks on all existing platforms


Effective management of the occupational health and safety management system :

  • Single Occupational Hazard Assessment Document
  • Painfulness at work
  • External companies
  • Workplace accidents
  • Workplace safety cards
  • Prevention action plans
  • Custom consolidated reports
  • Real time Dashboards
  • Quality observatory
  • Email alerts


Optimized management of the risks to which your organization is exposed:

  • Quality
  • Health (including DUERP)
  • Safety (including DUERP)
  • Environmental protection
  • Security/Malware
  • Financial
  • Social


Evaluate your level of occupational health and safety management:

  • Answer 17 thematic questionnaires
  • Define your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the priority areas for progress
  • Define your OHS roadmap in the short, medium and long term
  • Move towards OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 certification


Customize your OHS management system to adapt it to different user profiles (simplified interface, expert interface, etc.).


the solution thanks to our 4 packs (SERENITY, SINGLE-SITE, MULTI-SITE & PREVENTIVE) which are adapted to all organizations regardless of their size or activity.


your single document from more than 100 « Job » and « Activity » single document templates that will allow you to perform or complete your risk assessment.


simply your risk assessment from 200 questionnaires that will allow you to easily add prevention actions and ensure your regulatory compliance.

To perpetuate

your OHS culture and your risk prevention policy by using our tools, and thus improve the overall performance of your organization and the well-being and quality of life at work of your employees.


simplified action plans for your managers and department heads to make them responsible for occupational risk prevention.

Discover ours modules

Single Document for Professional Risk

A complete approach with risk assessment, development and monitoring of an action plan, and personalised printing

Management of hardship

Make a diagnosis of exposure, draw up an appropriate action plan, publish exposure traceability sheets, monitor personal risk accounts and estimate the estimated cost of the risk contribution rate.

Management of Workplace Accidents

Complete management from internal declaration to administrative declaration locally or in Full-Web. Centralised and personalised follow-up

Online action plan

Establish and develop your organisation’s OHS culture with a participative and simplified management of your Single Document.

Chemical risks

A complete approach with an inventory, risk assessment, an adapted action plan, the publication of simplified sheets, the publication of identification labels, etc.

Customised multi-site regulatory monitoring

Customised, up-to-date monitoring and legal assistance from a dedicated consultant to help you comply with local, regional, national and European regulations.

Checklist management

Easily audit your organisation at different levels (position, work unit, task, etc.) by creating your own checklists using our 200 questionnaires.

Rescue Workplace Quality Observatory

Measure the effectiveness of your prevention actions easily on the basis of the 5Ms (Method, Means, Material, Environment, Manpower).

Safety prevention plans

Organise and coordinate interventions by external companies and prevent the risks associated with co-activity.

Safety protocols

A specific prevention plan for loading and unloading operations in one click.

Job Safety Cards

A simple, user-friendly and customizable information and awareness tool for the various tasks performed by your employees.

Management of authorisations / training

Global and individual management of authorisations and training with: OHS training plan, authorisation titles, authorisation titles, training history, individual authorisation cards, etc.

Advice and training

Pre-diagnosis of penibility ALEA PREVENTION has a pre-diagnosis tool that enables it to identify workstations that include arduous tasks that are likely to exceed the thresholds set by the legislation. We can determine whether at least 50% of your employees are potentially exposed to arduous tasks.

Depending on the result, the company will have to comply with the provisions imposed by the texts. In this case, ALEA PREVENTION offers organisations a more in-depth diagnosis and full support in the compliance and prevention procedures.

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The transcription of the assessment of occupational risks for the health and safety of employees in the Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document is mandatory for any professional organisation.

Via the DUERP® software suite, ALEA PREVENTION experts can assist you in the assessment, transcription and prevention of occupational risks. This service is punctuated by site visits and is carried out using the DUERP® tool for a personalised and complete result.

This service also applies to the annual update of the single document, which includes a visit to establishments and the updating of risk ratings and the action plan.

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One of the first performance indicators of a company is its compliance with the regulations applicable to it. This is why the ALEA PREVENTION team offers to audit your organisation on its OHS and environmental regulatory compliance via the DUERP® tool and its checklists.

The objective is to highlight non-compliances and to propose solutions to bring your organisation into compliance with a history and follow-up of these actions in the DUERP® software suite.

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    They trust us



    “I have just tried this new version with the safety record management, and it is exactly the tool I had dreamed of to give a new impulse to training and prevention. Well done to your development team, you have developed the perfect tool for a manufacturer.”

    Olivier DUCORROY, Directeur d’usine, Carolex Graphic Arts – groupe VITASHEETGROUP

    Monday April 25th, 2016



    In a permanent concern to ensure a quality of life at work and in compliance with the new regulations, we called on the company Aléa Prévention to carry out a diagnosis of arduousness and to equip us with the DUEvRP software solution. DUEvRP, thanks to its intuitiveness, allows us to update the single document and to calculate the duration of exposure to the factors of arduousness in a completely autonomous and simple way”.

    Ouassila VEST, DRH de la société DEPOT BINGO, le prestataire e-logistique des métiers du e-commerce à 360°

    Monday April 25th, 2016